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Metadata Search of ITU-R Recommendations / Reports is available by Series, Radio Category, Services, Cross reference , Responsible WPs, Approval year.

  • ​​​​​​​​​Series​​ (ITU-R Recommendations Series / ITU-R Reports Series)
    ​​​​BO​Satellite delivery
    PRadiowave propagation​​​​SM​Spectrum management
    BR​​Recording for production, archival and play-out; film for televisionRARadio astronomySNG​Satellite news gathering
    (ITU-R Recommendations only)
    BSBroadcasting service (sound)RSRemote sensing systemsTFTime signals and frequency standards emissions
    (ITU-R Recommendations only)
    ​BTBroadcasting service (television)SFixed-satellite serviceVVocabulary and related subjects
    (ITU-R Recommendations only)
    FFixed serviceSASpace applications and meteorology
    MMobile, radiodetermination, amateur and related satellite servicesSF​Frequency sharing and coordination between fixed-satellite and fixed service systems​
  • Radio Category​​
    The ITU-R Recommendations / Reports are classified into the following 14 Radio Categories.
    (One ITU-R Recommendation / Reports can have multiple or without categories.)
    1. Antenna reference patterns8. Programme assembly
    2. Error performance/availability objectives9. Programme production
    3. Frequency arrangements10. Sharing/compatibility issues
    4. High Frequency (HF) systems11. Short Range Devices (SRDs)​
    5. IMT12. Spectrum Monitoring​
    6. National Spectrum Management issues​​13. Technical/operational characteristics or parameters
    7. Prediction methods14. Vocabulary​
  • Services (Radio Services)
    Radio Services are defined in ​the Radio Regulations ARTICLE 1 Section III (Radio services).
    <<Hierarchy structure and abbreviation of Radio Services>>
  • (all) *no specific radio service is indicated.
    (others) *​ISM, SRD, UWB, etc.
    amateur (ARS)
    amateur-satellite (ARSS)
    broadcasting (BS)
    broadcasting-satellite (BSS)
    earth exploration-satellite (EESS)
    fixed (FS)
    fixed-satellite (FSS)
    inter-satellite (ISS)
    meteorological aid (MetAids)
    meteorological-satellite (MetSat)
    mobile (MS)aeronautical mobile (AMS)aeronautical mobile (OR) (AMS(OR))
    aeronautical mobile (R) (AMS(R))
    land mobile (LMS)
    maritime mobile (MMS)port operations
    ship movement
    mobile-satellite (MSS)aeronautical mobile-satellite (AMSS)aeronautical mobile-satellite (OR) (AMSS(OR))
    aeronautical mobile-satellite (R) (AMSS(R))
    land mobile-satellite (LMSS)
    maritime mobile-satellite (MMSS)
    radio astronomy (RAS)
    radiodetermination (RDS)radiolocation (RLS)
    radionavigation (RNS)aeronautical radionavigation (ARNS)
    maritime radionavigation (MRNS)
    radiodetermination-satellite (RDSS)radiolocation-satellite (RLSS)
    radionavigation-satellite (RNSS)aeronautical radionavigation-satellite (ARNSS)
    maritime radionavigation-satellite (MRNSS)
    space operation (SOS)
    space research (SRS)
    standard frequency and time signal (SFTSS)
  • ​​​​​​ Cross ref. (Please refer to the Radio​ Regulations ​Volume IV ​​for IBR (ITU-R Recommendations incorporated by reference) (ITU-R Recommendations only)
    There are 2 cross reference status on this search: "IBR” and “ref.”​
    “IBR“ = “incorporated by reference in the Radio Regulations”
    “ref.“=” referred to in the Radio Regulations, but not IBR”
    Reference location where the ITU-R Recommendations are referred in the Radio Regulations can be found in the each ITU-R Recommendation profile page.
  • ​​Study Groups, Resp. WPs (Responsible Study Groups/Working Parties and ​related groups​)
    • Study Groups/Working Parties
      SG1 - ​Spectrum management
      WP1A - Spectrum engineering techniques
      WP1B - Spectrum management methodologies and economic strategies
      WP1C - Spectrum monitoring
      ​​SG3 - Radiowave propagation
      WP3J - Propagation fundamentals
      WP3K - Point-to-area propagation
      WP3L - Ionospheric propagation and radio noise
      WP3M - Point-to-point and Earth-space propagation​
      SG4 - Satellite services
      WP4A - Efficient orbit/spectrum utilization for FSS and BSS
      WP4B - Systems, air interfaces, performance and availability objectives for FSS, BSS and MSS, including IP-based applications and satellite news gathering
      WP4C - Efficient orbit/spectrum utilization for MSS and RDSS * -
      * WP4C will also deal with the performance issues related to RDSS​
      SG5 - Terrestrial services​
      WP5A - Land mobile service above 30 MHz* (excluding IMT); wireless access in the fixed service; amateur and amateur-satellite services
      * including the exact frequency of 30 MHz
      WP5B - Maritime mobile service including Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS); aeronautical mobile service and radiodetermination service
      WP5C - Fixed wireless systems; HF and other systems below 30 MHz in the fixed and land mobile services
      WP5D - IMT Systems​
      SG6 - Broadcasting service
      WP6A - Terrestrial broadcasting delivery
      WP6B - Broadcast service assembly and access
      WP6C - Programme production and quality assessment​
      SG7 - Science services​​​​WP7A - Time signals and frequency standard emissions              
      WP7B - Space radiocommunication applications
      WP7C - Remote sensing systems
      WP7D - Radio astronomy​
    • Related Groups
      ​​​​CCV - Coordination Committee for Vocabulary
      CPM - Conference Preparatory Meeting
      (not used for ITU-R Recommendations / Reports)
  • ​​​Approval​​ (Approval year of the ITU-R Recommendations / Reports)

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