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Folder: R-REP-BO.215-7-1990BO.215-7 (1990)Systems for the broadcasting satellite service (sound and television)Technical/operational characteristics or parametersBSSWP4A; WP4B1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.473-5-1990BO.473-5 (1990)Characteristics of receiving equipment for the broadcasting-satellite serviceTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSSWP4A1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.631-4-1990BO.631-4 (1990)Frequency sharing between the broadcasting-satellite service (sound and television) and terrestrial servicesSharing/compatibility issues; Technical/operational characteristics or parametersBSS; BS; FS; LMS; RASWP4A1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.632-4-1990BO.632-4 (1990)Technically suitable methods of modulationN/ABSSWP4B1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.633-3-1986BO.633-3 (1986)Orbit and frequency planning in the broadcasting-satellite serviceN/ABSSWP4A1986
Folder: R-REP-BO.634-4-1990BO.634-4 (1990)Measured interference protection ratios for planning television broadcasting systemsSharing/compatibility issuesBSS; BS; FSWP4A1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.807-3-1990BO.807-3 (1990)Unwanted emissions from broadcasting-satellite space stationsSharing/compatibility issuesBSS; FSS; RASWP4A1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.808-3-1990BO.808-3 (1990)Space segment technologyN/ABSSWP4A1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.809-3-1990BO.809-3 (1990)Inter-regional sharing of the 11.7 to 12.75 GHz frequency band between the broadcasting-satellite service and the fixed-satellite serviceSharing/compatibility issuesBSS; FSSWP4A1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.810-4-1994BO.810-4 (1994)Transmitting and receiving antenna technology and reference patterns for the BSSAntenna reference patternsBSSWP4A1994
Folder: R-REP-BO.811-2-1986BO.811-2 (1986)Planning elements including those used in the establishment of plans of frequency assignements and orbital positions for the broadcasting-satellite service in the 12 GHz bandTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSSWP4A1986
Folder: R-REP-BO.812-4-1994BO.812-4 (1994)Computer programs for planning broadcasting-satellite services in the 12 GHz bandN/ABSSWP4A1994
Folder: R-REP-BO.814-2-1986BO.814-2 (1986)Factors to be considered in the choice of polarization for planning the broadcasting-satellite serviceN/ABSSWP4A1986
Folder: R-REP-BO.952-2-1990BO.952-2 (1990)Technical characteristics of feeder links to broadcasting satellitesTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; Antenna reference patterns; Sharing/compatibility issuesBSS; FSSWP4A1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.953-2-1990BO.953-2 (1990)Digital coding for the emission of high-quality sound signals in satellite broadcasting (15 kHz nominal bandwidth)N/ABSSWP4B1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.954-2-1990BO.954-2 (1990)Multiplexing methods for the emission of several digital audio signals and also data signals in broadcastingN/ABSS; BSWP4B1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.1073-1-1990BO.1073-1 (1990)Television standards for the broadcasting-satellite serviceTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSSWP4B1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.1075-2-1994BO.1075-2 (1994)High-definition television by satelliteTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; Sharing/compatibility issuesBSS; FSS; ISS; FS; RASWP4A; WP4B1994
Folder: R-REP-BO.1227-2-1998BO.1227-2 (1998)Satellite broadcasting systems of integrated services digital broadcastingN/ABSSWP4B1998
Folder: R-REP-BO.1228-1990BO.1228-0 (1990)High quality sound/data standards for the broadcasting satellite service in the 12 GHz bandTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSSWP4B1990
Folder: R-REP-BO.2006-1995BO.2006-0 (1995)Introduction of satellite and complementary terrestrial digital sound broadcasting in the WARC-92 frequency allocationsN/ABSS; BSWP4A; WP4B1995
Folder: R-REP-BO.2007-2-2014BO.2007-2(2014)Considerations for the introduction of broadcasting-satellite service of high-definition television and ultra-high-definition television systems in the band 21.4-22 GHzTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSSWP4A; WP4B2014
Folder: R-REP-BO.2008-1-1998BO.2008-1 (1998)Digital multiprogramme broadcasting by satelliteTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSSWP4B1998
Folder: R-REP-BO.2016-1997BO.2016-0 (1997)BSS systems for the 40.5-42.5 GHz bandN/ABSSWP4A1997
Folder: R-REP-BO.2019-1-2016BO.2019-1 (10/2016)Interference calculation methodsSharing/compatibility issuesBSSWP4A2016
Folder: R-REP-BO.2029-2002BO.2029-0 (2002)Broadcasting-satellite service earth station antenna pattern measurements and related analysesAntenna reference patternsBSSWP4A2002
Folder: R-REP-BO.2071-1-2011BO.2071-1 (09/2011)BSS System parameters between 17.3 GHz and 42.5 GHz and associated feeder linksTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; Antenna reference patterns; Sharing/compatibility issuesBSS; RASWP4A2011
Folder: R-REP-BO.2071-2-2019BO.2071-2 (07/2019)Broadcasting-satellite service system parameters between 17.3 GHz and 42.5 GHz and associated feeder linksTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; Antenna reference patterns; Sharing/compatibility issuesBSS; RASWP4A2019
Folder: R-REP-BO.2101-2007BO.2101-0 (2007)Digital satellite broadcasting system (television, sound and data) with flexible configurationN/ABSSWP4B2007
Folder: R-REP-BO.2102-2007BO.2102-0 (2007)Multiple-feed BSS receiving antennasN/ABSSWP4A2007
Folder: R-REP-BO.2397-2016BO.2397-0 (10/2016)Satellite transmission for UHDTV satellite broadcastingTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSSWP4B2016
Folder: R-REP-BO.2465-2019BO.2465-0 (07/2019)Assessment on limitations mentioned in Annex 7 to RR Appendix 30 (Rev.WRC 15) in the 11.7-12.7 GHz band for the GSO broadcasting-satellite service in all Regions2019
Folder: R-REP-BS.300-7-1990BS.300-7 (1990)Stereophonic or multi-dimensional sound in frequency-modulation soundTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBS; BSSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.302-1-1978BS.302-1 (1978)Interference to sound broadcasting in the shared bands in the Tropical ZoneHigh Frequency (HF) systemsBS; LMS; FSWP6A1978
Folder: R-REP-BS.303-3-1986BS.303-3 (1986)Determination of the effects of atmospheric noise on the grade of reception in the Tropical ZoneHigh Frequency (HF) systemsBSWP6A1986
Folder: R-REP-BS.304-3-1990BS.304-3 (1990)Fading characteristics for sound broadcasting in the Tropical ZoneHigh Frequency (HF) systemsBSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.401-6-1990BS.401-6 (1990)Transmitting antennas in LF and MF broadcastingAntenna reference patternsBSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.458-5-1990BS.458-5 (1990)Characteristics of systems in LF, MF and HF broadcastingTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; High Frequency (HF) systemsBSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.464-5-1990BS.464-5 (1990)Polarization of emissions in frequency-modulation broadcasting in band 8 (VHF)N/ABSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.472-2-1990BS.472-2 (1990)Single-sideband reception for re-broadcasting applications within the Tropical ZoneHigh Frequency (HF) systemsBSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.516-4-1990BS.516-4 (1990)Field strength resulting from several electromagnetic fieldsN/ABSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.799-2-1986BS.799-2 (1986)Subjective assessment of quality of sound in broadcasting using digital techniquesN/ABS; BSSWP6C1986
Folder: R-REP-BS.943-1-1986BS.943-1 (1986)Protection of sound-broadcasting stations against atmospheric electricityN/ABSWP6A1986
Folder: R-REP-BS.946-1-1990BS.946-1 (1990)Frequency-planning constraints of FM sound broadcasting in band 8 (VHF)N/ABSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.1059-1-1990BS.1059-1 (1990)Characteristics of single-sideband systems in HF broadcastingTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; High Frequency (HF) systemsBSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.1060-1-1990BS.1060-1 (1990)Energy saving methods in amplitude modulation broadcasting and their influence on reception qualityN/ABSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.463-5-1990BS.463-5 (1990)Transmission of several sound programmes or other signals with a single transmitter in frequency-modulation sound broadcastingN/ABSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.944-1982BS.944-0 (1982)Theoretical network planningN/ABSWP6A1982
Folder: R-REP-BS.945-2-1990BS.945-2 (1990)Methods for the assessment of multiple interferenceN/ABSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.1058-1986BS.1058-0 (1986)Minimum AF and RF signal-to-noise ratio required for broadcasting in band 7 (HF)High Frequency (HF) systemsBSWP6A1986
Folder: R-REP-BS.1063-1986BS.1063-0 (1986)Prediction and control of re-radiation in MF broadcastingN/ABSWP6A1986
Folder: R-REP-BS.1065-1986BS.1065-0 (1986)The RF spectrum of frequency-modulation sound-broadcasting transmittersN/ABS; BSSWP6A1986
Folder: R-REP-BS.1067-1986BS.1067-0 (1986)Improvement of the reception quality in automobiles for frequency modulation sound broadcasts in band 8 (VHF)N/ABSWP6A1986
Folder: R-REP-BS.1071-1986BS.1071-0 (1986)Sampling frequency conversion and synchronization of digital sound signalsN/ABS; BSSWP6C1986
Folder: R-REP-BS.1200-1990BS.1200-0 (1990)The effect of delay in sound-programme operationsN/ABSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.1201-1990BS.1201-0 (1990)Number of HF sound broadcasting transmitters using a single channelHigh Frequency (HF) systemsBSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.1204-1990BS.1204-0 (1990)Automatic synchronization of video and audio after transmissionN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BS.2001-1994BS.2001-0 (1994)Ancillary services for the visually impaired and hearing impaired in multi-channel sound systemsN/ABS; BSSWP6C1994
Folder: R-REP-BS.2002-1994BS.2002-0 (1994)Introduction of satellite and complementary terrestrial digital sound broadcasting in the WARC-92 frequency allocationsN/ABS; BSSWP6A1994
Folder: R-REP-BS.2037-2004BS.2037-0 (2004)Evaluating fields from terrestrial broadcasting transmitting systems operating in any frequency band for assessing exposure to non-ionizing radiationHigh Frequency (HF) systems; Technical/operational characteristics or parametersBS; BSSWP6A2004
Folder: R-REP-BS.2054-4-2014BS.2054-4(2014)Audio levels and loudnessN/ABS; BSSWP6C2014
Folder: R-REP-BS.2103-1-2008BS.2103-1(2008)Short-term loudness meteringN/ABS; BSSWP6C2008
Folder: R-REP-BS.2104-2007BS.2104-0 (2007)FM modulator interference to broadcast servicesN/ABS; BSSWP6A2007
Folder: R-REP-BS.2105-2007BS.2105-0 (2007)Information relating to the HF broadcasting serviceHigh Frequency (HF) systemsBSWP6A2007
Folder: R-REP-BS.2144-2009BS.2144-0 (2009)Planning parameters and coverage for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) broadcasting at frequencies below 30 MHzHigh Frequency (HF) systems; Technical/operational characteristics or parametersBSWP6A2009
Folder: R-REP-BS.2159-8-2019BS.2159-8 (07/2019)Multichannel sound technology in home and broadcasting applicationsN/ABS; BSSWP6C2019
Folder: R-REP-BS.2161-2009BS.2161-0 (2009)Low delay audio coding for broadcasting applicationsN/ABS; BSSWP6B2009
Folder: R-REP-BS.2208-2010BS.2208-0 (2010)Possible use of VHF Band I for digital sound broadcasting servicesN/ABSWP6A2010
Folder: R-REP-BS.2213-3-2016BS.2213-3 (02/2016)Impact of audio signal processing and compression techniques on terrestrial FM sound broadcasting emissions at VHFN/ABSWP6A2016
Folder: R-REP-BS.2213-4-2017BS.2213-4 (10/2017)Impact of audio signal processing and compression techniques on terrestrial FM sound broadcasting emissions at VHFN/ABSWP6A2017
Folder: R-REP-BS.2214-5-2020BS.2214-5 (10/2020)Planning parameters for terrestrial digital sound broadcasting systems in VHF bandsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSWP6A2020
Folder: R-REP-BS.2217-1-2012BS.2217-1(2012)Compliance material for Recommendation ITU-R BS.1770N/ABS; BSSWP6C2012
Folder: R-REP-BS.2217-2-2016BS.2217-2 (10/2016)Compliance material for Recommendation ITU-R BS.1770N/ABS; BSSWP6C2016
Folder: R-REP-BS.2251-1-2012BS.2251-1 (2012)Digital Radio Mondiale in the 26 MHz band (25 670-26 100 kHz)High Frequency (HF) systemsBSWP6A2012
Folder: R-REP-BS.2266-2-2014BS.2266-2(2014)Framework of future audio broadcasting systemsN/ABS; BSSWP6C2014
Folder: R-REP-BS.2300-2014BS.2300-0 (2014)Methods for assessor screeningN/ABS; BSSWP6C2014
Folder: R-REP-BS.2340-2014BS.2340-0 (11/2014)Sharing between the mobile service and the broadcasting service in the 1 452-1 492 MHz frequency bandSharing/compatibility issues; IMTBS; LMSWP6A; WP5D2014
Folder: R-REP-BS.2384-1-2019BS.2384-1 (04/2019)Implementation considerations for the introduction and transition to digital terrestrial sound and multimedia broadcastingTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSWP6A2019
Folder: R-REP-BS.2388-3-2018BS.2388-3 (04/2018)Usage Guidelines for the Audio Definition Model and Multichannel Audio FilesN/ABS; BSSWP6B2018
Folder: R-REP-BS.2399-2017BS.2399-0 (03/2017)Methods for selecting and describing attributes and terms in the preparation of subjective testsBSWP6C2017
Folder: R-REP-BS.2419-2018BS.2419-0 (04/2018)Effect of microphone directivity regarding level calibration and equalization of advanced sound systems2018
Folder: R-REP-BS.2433-2018BS.2433-0 (10/2018)Assessment of modulation depth for AM sound broadcasting transmissionsWP6A2018
Folder: R-REP-BS.2434-2018BS.2434-0 (10/2018)Loudness in Internet delivery of broadcast originated soundtracksWP6C2018
Folder: R-REP-BS.2466-2019BS.2466-0 (07/2019)Guidelines for the use of the ITU-R ADM Renderer2019
Folder: R-REP-BS.2482-2020BS.2482-0 (02/2020)Planning analysis for the HD Radio system in the MF band2020
Folder: R-REP-BT.476-1-1974BT.476-1 (1974)Colorimetric standards in colour televisionN/ABS; BSSWP6C1974
Folder: R-REP-BT.482-1-1986BT.482-1 (1986)Recommended characteristics for collective and individual antenna systems for domestic reception of signal from terrestrial transmittersTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSWP6A1986
Folder: R-REP-BT.485-1-1982BT.485-1 (1982)Contribution to the planning of broadcasting servicesN/ABSWP6A1982
Folder: R-REP-BT.624-4-1990BT.624-4 (1990)Characteristics of television systemsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBS; BSS1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.628-4-1990BT.628-4 (1990)Automatic monitoring and control of television operationN/ABS; BSSWP6A1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.629-4-1990BT.629-4 (1990)Digital coding of colour television signalsN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.801-4-1990BT.801-4 (1990)The present state of high-definition televisionTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.956-2-1990BT.956-2 (1990)Data broadcasting systems: signal and service quality field trials and theoretical studiesN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.958-1-1986BT.958-1 (1986)Possibilities for incorporating the sound information in the video signal in terrestrial televisionN/ABSWP6C1986
Folder: R-REP-BT.959-2-1990BT.959-2 (1990)Experimental results relating picture quality to objective magnitude of impairmentN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.962-2-1990BT.962-2 (1990)The filtering, sampling and multiplexing for digital encoding of colour television signalsN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1080-1-1990BT.1080-1 (1990)International exchange of television programmes with data-encoded captions (sub-titles)N/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1081-1-1990BT.1081-1 (1990)The relative timing of sound and picture signalsN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1082-1-1990BT.1082-1 (1990)Studies toward the unification of picture assessment methodologyN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1088-1-1990BT.1088-1 (1990)Interfaces for digital video signals in 525-line and 625-line television systems1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1088-2-2009BT.1088-2(2009)Interfaces for digital video signals in 525-line and 625-line television systemsN/ABS; BSSWP6B2009
Folder: R-REP-BT.1206-1990BT.1206-0 (1990)Methods for picture quality assessment in relation to impairments from digital coding of television signalsN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1208-1990BT.1208-0 (1990)Telesoftware ServicesN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1209-1990BT.1209-0 (1990)Measures for the avoidance of possible interference generated by digital television studio equipmentN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1212-1990BT.1212-0 (1990)Measurements and test signals for digitally encoded colour television signalsN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1217-1990BT.1217-0 (1990)Future development of HDTVTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1218-1990BT.1218-0 (1990)Measurements in HDTVN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1219-1990BT.1219-0 (1990)Synchronizing signals for the component digital studioN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1220-1990BT.1220-0 (1990)Wider aspect ratio television systemsN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1223-1990BT.1223-0 (1990)A layered model approach for digital televisionN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1225-1990BT.1225-0 (1990)Data broadcasting systems and services in an HDTV environmentN/ABS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1226-1990BT.1226-0 (1990)Characteristic of a programme delivery control (PDC) system for video recordingTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBS; BSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.1237-1990BT.1237-0 (1990)Satellite news gatheringN/AFSSWP6C1990
Folder: R-REP-BT.2003-1994BT.2003-0 (1994)The harmonization of HDTV standards between broadcast and non-broadcast applicationsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBS; BSSWP6C1994
Folder: R-REP-BT.2017-1998BT.2017-0 (1998)Stereoscopic television MPEG-2 multi-view profileN/ABS; BSSWP6B1998
Folder: R-REP-BT.2020-1-2000BT.2020-1 (2000)Objective quality assessment technology in a digital environmentN/ABS; BSSWP6C2000
Folder: R-REP-BT.2025-2000BT.2025-0 (2000)Progress on development and implementation of interactivity broadcasting systems and servicesN/ABS; BSS; FS; LMSWP6B2000
Folder: R-REP-BT.2035-2-2008BT.2035-2(2008)Guidelines and techniques for the evaluation of digital terrestrial television broadcasting systems including assessment of their coverage areasN/ABSWP6A2008
Folder: R-REP-BT.2036-2003BT.2036-0 (2003)The problem of unauthorized redistribution of broadcast content via the InternetN/ABS; BSSWP6B2003
Folder: R-REP-BT.2042-5-2011BT.2042-5 (2011)Technologies in the area of extremely high resolution imageryN/ABS; BSSWP6C2011
Folder: R-REP-BT.2043-2004BT.2043-0 (2004)Analogue television systems currently in use throughout the worldN/ABSWP6A2004
Folder: R-REP-BT.2044-2004BT.2044-0 (2004)Tolerable round-trip time delay for sound-programme and television broadcast programme inserts - Context and rationaleN/ABS; BSSWP6C2004
Folder: R-REP-BT.2049-7-2016BT.2049-7 (02/2016)Broadcasting of multimedia and data applications for mobile receptionTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; IMTBS; BSS; LMSWP6B2016
Folder: R-REP-BT.2052-2005BT.2052-0 (2005)Protection of end-users’ privacy in interactive broadcasting systemsN/ABS; BSSWP6B2005
Folder: R-REP-BT.2053-2-2009BT.2053-2(2009)Large screen digital imageryN/ABS; BSSWP6A; WP6B; WP6C2009
Folder: R-REP-BT.2069-7-2017BT.2069-7 (10/2017)Tuning ranges and operational characteristics of terrestrial electronic news gathering (ENG), television outside broadcast (TVOB) and electronic field production (EFP) systemsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBS; FS; MSWP6C2017
Folder: R-REP-BT.2070-1-2009BT.2070-1(2009)Broadcasting of content protection signalling for televisionN/ABS; BSSWP6B2009
Folder: R-REP-BT.2075-2006BT.2075-0 (2006)Protection requirements for terrestrial television broadcasting services in the 620-790 MHz band against potential interference from GSO and non-GSO broadcasting-satellite systems and networksSharing/compatibility issuesBS; BSSWP6A2006
Folder: R-REP-BT.2088-2006BT.2088-0 (2006)Stereoscopic televisionN/ABS; BSSWP6C2006
Folder: R-REP-BT.2129-2008BT.2129-0 (2008)User requirements for a Flat Panel Display (FPD) as a Master monitor in an HDTV programme production environmentTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBS; BSSWP6C2008
Folder: R-REP-BT.2137-2009BT.2137-0 (2008)Coverage prediction methods and planning software for digital terrestrial television broadcasting (DTTB) networksN/ABSWP6A2008
Folder: R-REP-BT.2138-2009BT.2138-0 (2008)Radiation pattern characteristics of UHF television receiving antennasAntenna reference patternsBSWP6A2008
Folder: R-REP-BT.2139-2009BT.2139-0 (2008)Diversity reception of digital terrestrial television broadcasting signalsN/ABSWP6A2008
Folder: R-REP-BT.2140-12-2019BT.2140-12 (07/2019)Transition from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcastingTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSWP6A2019
Folder: R-REP-BT.2142-2-2015BT.2142-2 (07/2015)The effect of the scattering of digital television signals from a wind turbineN/ABSWP6A2015
Folder: R-REP-BT.2143-2-2010BT.2143-2 (2010)Boundary coverage assessment of digital terrestrial television broadcasting signalsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSWP6A2010
Folder: R-REP-BT.2160-4-2013BT.2160-4 (11/2013)Features of three-dimensional television video systems for broadcastingN/ABS; BSSWP6C2013
Folder: R-REP-BT.2207-4-2018BT.2207-4 (10/2018)Accessibility to broadcasting services for persons with disabilitiesN/ABS; BSSWP6C2018
Folder: R-REP-BT.2207-5-2020BT.2207-5 (10/2020)Accessibility to broadcasting services for persons with disabilitiesN/ABS; BSSWP6C2020
Folder: R-REP-BT.2209-2-2019BT.2209-2 (04/2019)Calculation model for SFN reception and reference receiver characteristics of ISDB-T systemTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBSWP6A2019
Folder: R-REP-BT.2215-7-2018BT.2215-7 (04/2018)Measurements of protection ratios and overload thresholds for broadcast TV receiversSharing/compatibility issues; IMTBS; LMSWP6A2018
Folder: R-REP-BT.2216-2011BT.2216-0 (2011)A perspective of the hierarchy of digital television image systems based on human viewing behaviourN/ABS; BSSWP6C2011
Folder: R-REP-BT.2245-8-2020BT.2245-8(2020)HDTV and UHDTV including HDR-TV test materials for assessment of picture qualityTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBS; BSSWP6C2020
Folder: R-REP-BT.2246-7-2020BT.2246-7 (10/2020)The present state of ultra-high definition televisionTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersBS; BSSWP6C2020
Folder: R-REP-BT.2247-3-2015BT.2247-3 (07/2015)Field measurement and analysis of compatibility between DTTB and IMTSharing/compatibility issues; IMTBS; LMSWP6A2015
Folder: R-REP-BT.2248-2011BT.2248-0 (10/2011)A conceptual method for the representation of loss of broadcast coverageN/ABSWP6A2011
Folder: R-REP-BT.2249-5-2015BT.2249-5 (07/2015)Digital broadcasting and multimedia video information systemsN/ABS; BSSWP6B2015
Folder: R-REP-BT.2250-2012BT.2250-0 (2012)Delivery of wide colour gamut image content through SDTV and HDTV delivery systemsN/ABS; BSSWP6C2012
Folder: R-REP-BT.2252-3-2017BT.2252-3 (03/2017)Objective quality coverage assessment of digital terrestrial television broadcasting signalsN/ABSWP6A2017
Folder: R-REP-BT.2253-2012BT.2253-0 (2012)GPS timing receivers for DVB-T SFN application: 10 MHz phase recoveryN/ABSWP6A2012
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