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Folder: R-REP-M.319-7-1990M.319-7 (1990)Characteristics of equipment and principles governing the assignment of frequency channels between 25 and 1000 MHz for land mobile servicesTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersLMSWP5A1990
Folder: R-REP-M.588-1-1978M.588-1 (1978)Black and white facsimile transmissions over combined metallic and radio circuits in the maritime mobile service and in the maritime mobile-satellite serviceTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; High Frequency (HF) systemsMMS; MMSSWP5B1978
Folder: R-REP-M.739-1-1986M.739-1 (1986)Interference due to intermodulation products in the land mobile service between 25 and 100 MHzN/ALMSWP5A1986
Folder: R-REP-M.760-3-2004M.760-3 (2004)Link power budgets for a maritime mobile-satellite serviceTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersMMSSWP4C2004
Folder: R-REP-M.766-2-1990M.766-2 (1990)Feasibility of frequency sharing between the GPS and other servicesSharing/compatibility issues; Technical/operational characteristics or parametersRNSS; RLS; RNS; FS; MSWP4C1990
Folder: R-REP-M.778-2-1990M.778-2 (1990)Wireless communication systems for persons with impaired hearingTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersLMSWP5A1990
Folder: R-REP-M.902-1-1990M.902-1 (1990)Leaky-feeder systems in the land mobile serviceN/ALMSWP5A1990
Folder: R-REP-M.904-2-1990M.904-2 (1990)Automatic determination of location and guidance in the land mobile serviceN/ALMS; RNS; RDSSWP5A1990
Folder: R-REP-M.908-1-1986M.908-1 (1986)Channel requirements for a digital selective-calling systemHigh Frequency (HF) systemsMMSWP5B1986
Folder: R-REP-M.910-1-1986M.910-1 (1986)Sharing between the maritime mobile service and the aeronautical radionavigation service in the band 415-526.5 kHzSharing/compatibility issuesMMS; ARNSWP5B1986
Folder: R-REP-M.914-2-1990M.914-2 (1990)Efficient use of the radio spectrum by radar stations in the radiodetermination serviceTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersRDS; RLSWP5B1990
Folder: R-REP-M.918-1-1990M.918-1 (1990)Availability of communications circuits in the maritime mobile-satellite serviceError performance/availability objectivesMMSSWP4B1990
Folder: R-REP-M.927-2-1990M.927-2 (1990)General considerations relative to harmful interference from the viewpoint of the aeronautical mobile service and the aeronautical radionavigation serviceN/AAMS; ARNS; RNSS; MSS; SOSWP5B1990
Folder: R-REP-M.929-2-1990M.929-2 (1990)Compatibility between the broadcasting service in the band of about 87-108 MHz and the aeronautical services in the band 108-136 MHzSharing/compatibility issuesBS; ARNS; AMSWP5B1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1021-1986M.1021-0 (1986)Equipment characteristics for digital transmission in the land mobile servicesTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersLMSWP5A1986
Folder: R-REP-M.1023-1-1990M.1023-1 (1990)Frequency sharing between the land mobile service dans the broadcasting service (television) below 1 GHzSharing/compatibility issuesLMS; BSWP5A1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1025-1-1990M.1025-1 (1990)Technical and operating characteristics of cordless telephonesTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersLMSWP5A1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1049-1-1990M.1049-1 (1990)Control of passive intermodulation productsN/AMSS; BSS; FSSWP4B; WP4C1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1153-1990M.1153-0 (1990)Future public land mobile telecommunication systemsIMTLMSWP5D1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1155-1990M.1155-0 (1990)Adaptation of mobile radiocommunication technology to the needs of developing countriesIMTLMS; FSWP5A; WP5D1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1156-1990M.1156-0 (1990)Digital cellular public land mobile telecommunication systems (DCPLMTS)Technical/operational characteristics or parametersLMSWP5A1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1157-1990M.1157-0 (1990)Integration of public mobile radiocommunication systemsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersLMS; MMS; AMS; MSSWP5A1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1158-1990M.1158-0 (1990)Data communication in the maritime mobile services using MF, HF and VHF frequenciesHigh Frequency (HF) systemsMMSWP5B1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1159-1990M.1159-0 (1990)Characteristics of an automatic identification system for VHF and UHF transmitting stations in the maritime mobile serviceTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersMMSWP5B1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1161-1990M.1161-0 (1990)Use of MF/HF DSC for automatic connection of calls in the maritime-mobile service MF and HF bands to the public switched networkTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; High Frequency (HF) systemsMMSWP5B1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1163-1990M.1163-0 (1990)Coordination area of an earth station of the fixed-satellite service sharing the same frequency band with the radionavigation serviceSharing/compatibility issuesFSS; RNSWP5B1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1165-1990M.1165-0 (1990)Transmission of digital data for the updating of electronic chart display systems (ECDIS)N/AMMS; MMSSWP5B1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1166-1990M.1166-0 (1990)Technical characteristics of GPS differential transmissions from maritime radiobeaconsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersRNSS; MRNSWP5B1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1169-1990M.1169-0 (1990)Sea surface multipath effects in the aeronautical mobile-satellite serviceN/AAMSSWP4B; WP4C1990
Folder: R-REP-M.1186-1990M.1186-0 (1990)Use of frequency band 4 200 MHz to 4 400 MHz by  radio altimetersN/AARNSWP5B1990
Folder: R-REP-M.2009-1995M.2009-0 (1995)Direct-dial telephone systems for the maritime mobile serviceTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; High Frequency (HF) systemsMMSWP5B1995
Folder: R-REP-M.2010-1-1997M.2010-1 (1997)Improved efficiency in the use of the band 156-174 MHz by stations in the maritime mobile serviceN/AMMSWP5B1997
Folder: R-REP-M.2013-1997M.2013-0 (1997)Wind Profiler RadarsTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; Sharing/compatibility issuesRLS; MS; FS; BS; RAS; ARS; ARSS; RNSS; EESS; SRSWP5B1997
Folder: R-REP-M.2014-3-2016M.2014-3 (11/2016)Digital land mobile systems for dispatch trafficTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersLMSWP5A2016
Folder: R-REP-M.2023-2000M.2023-0 (2000)Spectrum requirements for International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000)IMTLMS; MSSWP5D2000
Folder: R-REP-M.2024-2000M.2024-0 (2000)Summary of spectrum usage survey resultsIMTLMS; MSSWP5D2000
Folder: R-REP-M.2026-2001M.2026-0 (2001)Adaptability of real zero single sideband technology to HF data communicationsHigh Frequency (HF) systemsLMSWP5C2001
Folder: R-REP-M.2027-2001M.2027-0 (2001)Engineering guidance for operators to upgrade shore based facilities to operate the global maritime distress and safety system in the A1, A2 and A3/A4 sea areasHigh Frequency (HF) systemsMMSWP5B2001
Folder: R-REP-M.2030-2003M.2030-0 (2003)Coexistence between IMT-2000 time division duplex and frequency division duplex terrestrial radio interface technologies around 2 600 MHz operating in adjacent bands and in the same geographical areaTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; IMTLMSWP5D2003
Folder: R-REP-M.2031-2003M.2031-0 (2003)Compatibility between WCDMA 1800 downlink and GSM 1900 uplinkIMTLMSWP5D2003
Folder: R-REP-M.2032-2003M.2032-0 (2003)Tests illustrating the compatibility between maritime radionavigation radars and emissions from radiolocation radars in the band 2 900-3 100 MHzSharing/compatibility issuesMRNS; RLSWP5B2003
Folder: R-REP-M.2034-2003M.2034-0 (2003)Impact of radar detection requirements of dynamic frequency selection on 5 GHz wireless access system receiversN/ALMS; RDSWP5A2003
Folder: R-REP-M.2038-2004M.2038-0 (2004)Technology trendsTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; IMTLMSWP5D2004
Folder: R-REP-M.2039-3-2014M.2039-3(2014)Characteristics of terrestrial IMT-2000 systems for frequency sharing/interference analysesTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; IMTLMSWP5D2014
Folder: R-REP-M.2040-2004M.2040-0 (2004)Adaptive antennas concepts and key technical aspectsN/ALMSWP5A2004
Folder: R-REP-M.2041-2003M.2041-0 (2003)Sharing and adjacent band compatibility in the 2.5 GHz band between the terrestrial and satellite components of IMT-2000Sharing/compatibility issues; IMTLMS; MSSWP4C; WP5D2003
Folder: R-REP-M.2045-2004M.2045-0 (2004)Mitigating techniques to address coexistence between IMT-2000 time division duplex and frequency division duplex radio interface technologies within the frequency range 2 500-2 690 MHz operating in adjacent bands and in the same geographical areaIMTLMSWP5D2004
Folder: R-REP-M.2050-2004M.2050-0 (2004)Test results illustrating the susceptibility of maritime radionavigation radars to emissions from digital communication and pulsed systems in the bands 2 900-3 100 MHz and 9 200-9 500 MHzTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersMRNSWP5B2004
Folder: R-REP-M.2072-2006M.2072-0 (2006)World mobile telecommunication market forecastIMTLMS; MSSWP5D2006
Folder: R-REP-M.2073-2006M.2073-0 (2006)Feasibility and practicality of prioritization and real-time pre emptive access between different networks of mobile-satellite service in the bands 1 525-1 559 MHz and 1 626.5-1 660.5 MHzTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersMSSWP4B; WP4C2006
Folder: R-REP-M.2074-2006M.2074-0 (2006)Radio aspects for the terrestrial component of IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000Technical/operational characteristics or parameters; IMTLMSWP5D2006
Folder: R-REP-M.2076-2006M.2076-0 (2006)Factors that mitigate interference from radiolocation and Earth exploration-satellite service/space research service (active) radars to maritime and aeronautical radionavigation radars in the 9.0-9.2 and 9.3-9.5 GHz bands and between Earth exploration-...Sharing/compatibility issuesRLS; EESS; SRS; MRNS; ARNSWP5B2006
Folder: R-REP-M.2077-2006M.2077-0 (2006)Traffic forecasts and estimated spectrum requirements for the satellite component of IMT 2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000 for the period 2010 to 2020IMTMSSWP4C2006
Folder: R-REP-M.2078-2006M.2078-0 (2006)Estimated spectrum bandwidth requirements for the future development of IMT-2000 and IMT-AdvancedIMTLMSWP5D2006
Folder: R-REP-M.2079-2006M.2079-0 (2006)Technical and operational information for identifying spectrum for the terrestrial component of future development of IMT-2000 and IMT-AdvancedSharing/compatibility issues; IMTLMS; FS; BS; RLS; SRS; BSS; MSS; FSSWP5D2006
Folder: R-REP-M.2080-2006M.2080-0 (2006)Consideration of sharing conditions and usage in the 4-10 MHz bandSharing/compatibility issues; High Frequency (HF) systemsFS; LMS; MMS; BS; ARSWP5B2006
Folder: R-REP-M.2081-2006M.2081-0 (2006)Test results illustrating compatibility between representative radionavigation systems and radiolocation and EESS systems in the band 8.5-10 GHzSharing/compatibility issuesRNS; RLS; EESS; SRSWP5B2006
Folder: R-REP-M.2082-2006M.2082-0 (2006)Modifications of Appendix 17 of the Radio Regulations (Frequencies and channelling arrangements in the high-frequency bands for the maritime mobile service) for a possible solution of agenda item 1.13 (Resolution 351 (WRC-03))High Frequency (HF) systemsMMSWP5B2006
Folder: R-REP-M.2083-2006M.2083-0 (2006)Level of unwanted emissions of mobile-satellite service feeder links operating in the bands 1 390-1 392 MHz (Earth-to-space) and 1 430-1 432 MHz (space-to-Earth)Technical/operational characteristics or parameters; Sharing/compatibility issuesFSS; EESS; RAS; SRSWP4A2006
Folder: R-REP-M.2084-2007M.2084-0 (2006)Satellite detection of automatic identification system messagesTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersMMSSWP5B2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2085-1-2011M.2085-1(2011)Role of the amateur and amateur-satellite services in support of disaster mitigation and reliefN/AARS; ARSSWP5A2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2109-2007M.2109-0 (2007)Sharing studies between IMT Advanced systems and geostationary satellite networks in the fixed-satellite service in the 3 400-4 200 and 4 500-4 800 MHz frequency bandsSharing/compatibility issues; IMTLMS; FSSWP5D2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2110-2007M.2110-0 (2007)Sharing studies between radiocommunication services and IMT systems operating in the 450-470 MHz bandSharing/compatibility issues; IMTLMS; MMS; MSS; FS; RLS; BS; EESSWP5D2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2111-2007M.2111-0 (2007)Sharing studies between IMT-Advanced and the radiolocation service in the 3 400-3 700 MHz bandsSharing/compatibility issues; IMTLMS; RLSWP5D2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2112-2007M.2112-0 (2007)Compatibility/sharing of airport surveillance radars and meteorological radar with IMT systems within the 2 700-2 900 MHz bandSharing/compatibility issues; IMTLMS; ARNS; RLSWP5D2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2113-1-2009M.2113-1 (2008)Sharing studies in the 2 500-2 690 MHz band between IMT-2000 and fixed broadband wireless access systems including nomadic applications in the same geographical areaSharing/compatibility issues; IMTLMS; FSWP5D2008
Folder: R-REP-M.2114-2007M.2114-0 (2007)Key technical and operational characteristics for access technologies to support IP applications over land mobile systemsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersLMSWP5A2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2115-1-2009M.2115-1 (2009)Testing procedures for implementation of dynamic frequency selectionN/ALMS; RDSWP5A2009
Folder: R-REP-M.2116-2-2013M.2116-2(2013)Characteristics of broadband wireless access systems operating in the land mobile service for use in sharing studiesTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersLMSWP5A2013
Folder: R-REP-M.2117-1-2012M.2117-1 (2012)Software-defined radio in the land mobile, amateur and amateur-satellite servicesTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersLMS; ARS; ARSSWP5A2012
Folder: R-REP-M.2118-2007M.2118-0 (2007)Compatibility between proposed systems in the aeronautical mobile service and the existing fixed-satellite service in the 5 091-5 250 MHz bandSharing/compatibility issuesAMS; FSSWP5B2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2119-2007M.2119-0 (2007)Sharing between aeronautical mobile telemetry systems for flight testing and other systems operating in the 4 400-4 940 and 5 925-6 700 MHz bandsSharing/compatibility issuesAMS; FSS; RAS; FS; MSWP5B2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2120-2007M.2120-0 (2007)Initial estimate of new aviation AM(R)S spectrum requirementsN/AAMSWP5B2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2121-2007M.2121-0 (2007)Guidelines for AM(R)S sharing studies in the 960-1 164 MHz bandSharing/compatibility issuesAMS; ARNS; RNSSWP5B2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2122-2007M.2122-0 (2007)EMC assessment of shore-based electronic navigation (eNAV) infrastructure and new draft Standards for data exchange in the VHF maritime mobile band (156-174 MHz)N/AMMSWP5B2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2123-2007M.2123-0 (2007)Long range detection of automatic identification system (AIS) messages under various tropospheric propagation conditionsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersMMSWP5B2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2124-2007M.2124-0 (2007)Interference calculations to assess sharing between the mobile-satellite service and space research (passive) service in the band 1 668-1 668.4 MHzSharing/compatibility issuesMSS; SRSWP4C2007
Folder: R-REP-M.2128-2008M.2128-0 (2008)Test results and simulations illustrating the effective duty cycle of frequency modulated pulsed radiolocation and EESS system waveforms in marine radionavigation receiversSharing/compatibility issuesRLS; EESS; MRNSWP5B2008
Folder: R-REP-M.2133-2008M.2133-0 (2008)Requirements, evaluation criteria and submission templates  for the development of IMT-AdvancedIMTLMSWP5D2008
Folder: R-REP-M.2134-2008M.2134-0 (2008)Requirements related to technical performance for IMT-Advanced radio interface(s)IMTLMSWP5D2008
Folder: R-REP-M.2135-1-2009M.2135-1 (2009)Guidelines for evaluation of radio interface technologies  for IMT-AdvancedIMTLMSWP5D2009
Folder: R-REP-M.2136-2009M.2136-0 (2008)Theoretical analysis and testing results pertaining to the determination of relevant interference protection criteria of ground-based meteorological radarsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersRLSWP5B2009
Folder: R-REP-M.2141-2009M.2141-0 (2009)Study of the isolation between VHF land mobile radio antennas in close proximityN/ALMSWP5A2009
Folder: R-REP-M.2146-2009M.2146-0 (2009)Coexistence between IMT-2000 CDMA-DS and IMT-2000 OFDMA TDD WMAN in the 2 500-2 690 MHz band operating in adjacent bands in the same areaTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; IMTLMSWP5D2009
Folder: R-REP-M.2147-2009M.2147-0 (2009)Assessment of potential interference between FM broadcasting stations operating in the band around 87-108 MHz and aeronautical VDL Mode 4 systems in the band 112-117.975 MHz operating in the AM(R)SSharing/compatibility issuesBS; AMSWP5B2009
Folder: R-REP-M.2149-1-2011M.2149-1 (2011)Use and examples of mobile-satellite service systems for relief operation in the event of natural disasters and similar emergenciesN/AMSSWP4C2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2168-1-2010M.2168-1 (2010)Compatibility between a proposed new aeronautical mobile (R) service (AM(R)S) system and both radionavigation-satellite service (RNSS) operating in the 5 000-5 010 MHz band and radio astronomy in the adjacent band 4 990-5 000 MHzSharing/compatibility issuesAMS; RNSS; RASWP5B2010
Folder: R-REP-M.2169-2009M.2169-0 (2009)Improved satellite detection of AISTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersMMSSWP5B2009
Folder: R-REP-M.2170-2009M.2170-0 (2009)Compatibility analysis and results for radiolocation systems planned to operate in the 15.4 to 17.3 GHz band and aircraft landing system operating in the 15.4-15.7 GHz band as well as the radio astronomy service operating in the adjacent band 15.35-15....Technical/operational characteristics or parameters; Sharing/compatibility issuesRLS; ARNS; RAS; FSSWP5B2009
Folder: R-REP-M.2171-2009M.2171-0 (2009)Characteristics of unmanned aircraft systems and spectrum requirements to support their safe operation in non-segregated airspaceTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersAMS; AMSSWP5B2009
Folder: R-REP-M.2172-1-2011M.2172-1(2011)Radiolocation service sharing feasibility in the frequency band 154-156 MHzSharing/compatibility issuesRLS; FS; LMS; MMS; RASWP5B2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2175-2010M.2175-0 (2010)Simultaneous dual linear polarization transmission technique using digital cross-polarization cancellation for MSS systemsN/AMSSWP4C2010
Folder: R-REP-M.2176-1-2012M.2176-1 (2012)Vision and requirements for the satellite radio interface(s) of IMT-AdvancedIMTMSSWP4B2012
Folder: R-REP-M.2197-2010M.2197-0 (2010)Technical characteristics and operational objectives for Wireless avionics intra-communications (WAIC)Technical/operational characteristics or parametersAMSWP5B2010
Folder: R-REP-M.2198-2010M.2198-0 (2010)The outcome of the evaluation, consensus building and decision of the IMT-Advanced process (steps 4-7), including characteristics of IMT-Advanced radio interfacesTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; IMTLMSWP5D2010
Folder: R-REP-M.2200-2010M.2200-0 (2010)Characteristics of amateur radio stations in the range 415-526.5 kHz for sharing studiesTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersARSWP5A2010
Folder: R-REP-M.2201-2010M.2201-0 (2010)Utilization of the 495-505 kHz band by the maritime mobile service for the digital broadcasting of safety and security related information from shore-to-shipsN/AMMSWP5B2010
Folder: R-REP-M.2202-2010M.2202-0 (2010)Maritime broadband wireless mesh networksN/AMMSWP5B2010
Folder: R-REP-M.2203-2010M.2203-0 (2010)Compatibility of amateur service stations with existing services in the range 415-526.5 kHzSharing/compatibility issuesARS; ARNS; MMS; BS; AMSWP5A2010
Folder: R-REP-M.2204-2010M.2204-0 (2010)Characteristics and spectrum considerations for sense and avoid systems use on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)Technical/operational characteristics or parametersARNSWP5B2010
Folder: R-REP-M.2205-2010M.2205-0 (2010)Results of studies of the AM(R)S allocation in the band 960-1 164 MHz and of the AMS(R)S allocation in the band 5 030-5 091 MHz to support control and non-payload communications links for unmanned aircraft systemsSharing/compatibility issuesAMS; AMSSWP5B2010
Folder: R-REP-M.2206-2010M.2206-0 (2010)Sharing between the aeronautical mobile service and the fixed service in the band 37-38 GHzSharing/compatibility issuesAMS; FSWP5C2010
Folder: R-REP-M.2218-2011M.2218-0 (2011)Traffic forecasts and estimated spectrum requirements for future development of the mobile-satellite service in the range 4 16 GHzN/AMSSWP4C2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2219-2011M.2219-0 (2011)Radionavigation-satellite service applications for the 5 000-5 010 MHz and 5 010-5 030 MHz bandsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersRNSSWP4C2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2220-2011M.2220-0 (2011)Calculation method to determine aggregate interference parameters of pulsed RF systems operating in and near the bands 1 164-1 215 MHz and 1 215 1 300 MHz that may impact radionavigation-satellite service airborne and ground-based receivers operating i...Technical/operational characteristics or parametersRNSSWP4C2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2221-2011M.2221-0 (10/2011)Feasibility of MSS operations in certain frequency bandsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersMSSWP4C2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2224-2011M.2224-0 (2011)System design guidelines for wide area sensor and/or actuator network (WASN) systemsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersLMSWP5A2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2225-2011M.2225-0 (2011)Introduction to cognitive radio systems in the land mobile serviceN/ALMSWP5A2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2226-2011M.2226-0 (2011)Description of amateur and experimental operation between 415 and 526.5 kHz in some countriesTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersARSWP5A2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2227-2-2017M.2227-2 (11/2017)Use of multiple gigabit wireless systems in frequencies around 60 GHzTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersLMSWP5A2017
Folder: R-REP-M.2228-1-2015M.2228-1 (07/2015)Advanced intelligent transport systems (ITS) radiocommunicationsTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersLMSWP5A2015
Folder: R-REP-M.2229-2011M.2229-0 (2011)Compatibility study to support line-of-sight control and non-payload communications links for unmanned aircraft systems proposed in the frequency band 15.4-15.5 GHzSharing/compatibility issuesAMS; ARNS; RLS; RASWP5B2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2230-2011M.2230-0 (2011)Frequency sharing between unmanned aircraft systems for beyond line of sight control and non-payload communications links and other existing and planned services in the frequency bands 13.25-13.40 GHz, 15.4-15.7 GHz, 22.5-22.55 GHz and 23.55-23.60 GHzSharing/compatibility issuesARNS; ARNSS; FS; FSS; MS; EESS; SRSWP5B2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2231-1-2014M.2231-1 (2014)Use of Appendix 18 to the Radio Regulations for the maritime mobile serviceN/AMMSWP5B2014
Folder: R-REP-M.2232-2011M.2232-0 (2011)Spectrum requirements for surface applications at airports in the 5 GHz rangeN/AAMSWP5B2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2233-2011M.2233-0 (2011)Examples of technical characteristics for unmanned aircraft control and non-payload communications linksTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersAMS; AMSSWP5B2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2234-2011M.2234-0 (2011)The feasibility of sharing sub-bands between oceanographic radars operating in the radiolocation service and fixed and mobile services within the frequency band 3-50 MHzSharing/compatibility issues; High Frequency (HF) systemsRLS; FS; MSWP5B2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2235-2011M.2235-0 (2011)Aeronautical mobile (route) service sharing studies in the frequency band 960-1 164 MHzSharing/compatibility issuesAMS; ARNS; AMSS; RNSSWP5B2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2236-2011M.2236-0 (2011)Compatibility study to support the line of sight control and non-payload communication links for unmanned aircraft systems proposed in the frequency bands 5 000-5 010 and 5 010-5 030 MHzSharing/compatibility issuesAMS; RNSS; RASWP5B2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2237-2011M.2237-0 (2011)Compatibility study to support the line-of-sight control and non-payload communications link(s) for unmanned aircraft systems proposed in the frequency band 5 030-5 091 MHzTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; Sharing/compatibility issuesAMS; ARNS; AMSS; RNSSWP5B2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2238-2011M.2238-0 (11/2011)Compatibility study to support line of sight control and non-payload communications links for unmanned aircraft systems proposed in the frequency band 5 091-5 150 MHzTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; Sharing/compatibility issuesAMS; FSS; ARNSWP5B2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2241-2011M.2241-0 (2011)Compatibility studies in relation to Resolution 224 in the bands 698-806 MHz and 790-862 MHzSharing/compatibility issues; IMTLMS; BS; ARNSWP5D2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2242-2011M.2242-0 (2011)Cognitive Radio Systems specific for IMT SystemsIMTLMSWP5D2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2243-2011M.2243-0 (2011)Assessment of the global mobile broadband deployments and forecasts for International Mobile TelecommunicationsIMTLMSWP5D2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2244-2011M.2244-0 (2011)Isolation between antennas of IMT base stations in the land mobile serviceIMTLMSWP5D2011
Folder: R-REP-M.2262-2012M.2262-0 (2012)Potential interference between the ICAO standard microwave landing system (MLS) operating above 5 030 MHz and radionavigation-satellite service(RNSS) systems in the band 5 000-5 030 MHzSharing/compatibility issuesARNS; RNSSWP4C2012
Folder: R-REP-M.2264-2012M.2264-0 (2012)Guidance for the development of band plans with contiguous bandwidths for mobile broadband applications for use in spectrum planningFrequency arrangementsLMSWP5A2012
Folder: R-REP-M.2279-2013M.2279(2013)Outcome of the evaluation, consensus building and decision of the IMT-Advanced satellite process (Steps 4 to 7), including characteristics of IMT-Advanced satellite radio interfacesTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; IMTMSSWP4B2013
Folder: R-REP-M.2281-2014M.2281-0 (12/2013)Characteristics of amateur radio stations in the range 5 250-5 450 kHz for sharing studiesTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersARSWP5A2013
Folder: R-REP-M.2282-2013M.2282-0 (12/2013)Systems for public mobile communications with aircraftTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersAMSWP5A2013
Folder: R-REP-M.2283-2013M.2283-0 (12/2013)Technical characteristics and spectrum requirements of Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications systems to support their safe operationTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersAMSWP5B2013
Folder: R-REP-M.2284-2013M.2284(2013)Compatibility of radio-navigation satellite service (space-to-Earth) systems and radars operating in the frequency band 1 215-1 300 MHzTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; Sharing/compatibility issuesRNSS; RLS; RNSWP5B2013
Folder: R-REP-M.2285-2014M.2285-0 (12/2013)Maritime survivor locating systems and devices (man overboard systems) - An overview of systems and their mode of operationTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersMMSWP5B2013
Folder: R-REP-M.2286-2013M.2286-0 (12/2013)Operational characteristics of aeronautical mobile telemetryTechnical/operational characteristics or parametersAMSWP5B2013
Folder: R-REP-M.2287-2014M.2287-0 (12/2013)Automatic identification system VHHF data link loadingN/AMMSWP5B2013
Folder: R-REP-M.2288-2013M.2288-0 (12/2013)Digital voice communication system on MF/HF radio channels of the maritime mobile service for shore-to-ship/ship-to-shore applicationsHigh Frequency (HF) systemsMMSWP5B2013
Folder: R-REP-M.2289-2013M.2289-0 (12/2013)Future radio aspect parameters for use with the terrestrial IMT spectrum estimate methodology of Recommendation ITU-R M.1768-1Technical/operational characteristics or parameters; IMTLMSWP5D2013
Folder: R-REP-M.2290-2014M.2290-0 (12/2013)Future spectrum requirements estimate for terrestrial IMTIMTLMSWP5D2014
Folder: R-REP-M.2291-1-2016M.2291-1 (11/2016)The use of International Mobile Telecommunications for broadband public protection and disaster relief applicationsIMTLMSWP5D2016
Folder: R-REP-M.2292-2014M.2292-0 (12/2013)Characteristics of terrestrial IMT-Advanced systems for frequency sharing/interference analysesTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; IMTLMSWP5D2013
Folder: R-REP-M.2305-2014M.2305-0 (2014)Consideration of aggregate radio frequency interference event potentials from multiple Earth exploration-satellite service systems on radionavigation-satellite service receivers operating in the 1 215-1 300 MHz frequency bandSharing/compatibility issuesEESS; RNSSWP4C2014
Folder: R-REP-M.2316-2014M.2316-0 (2014)Assessment of interference to radars operating within the 2 700-2 900 MHz band from broadband wireless systems operating in adjacent frequency bandsTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; Sharing/compatibility issues; IMTARNS; RLS; LMSWP5B2014
Folder: R-REP-M.2317-2014M.2317-0 (11/2014)VHF data exchange system channel sounding campaignN/AMMSWP5B2014
Folder: R-REP-M.2318-2014M.2318-0 (11/2014)Consideration of the aeronautical mobile (route), aeronautical mobile, and aeronautical radionavigation services allocations to accommodate wireless avionics intra-communicationSharing/compatibility issuesAMS; ARNS; RNSS; FS; RLSWP5B2014
Folder: R-REP-M.2319-2014M.2319-0 (2014)Compatibility analysis between wireless avionics intra-communication systems and systems in the existing services in the frequency band 4 200-4 400 MHzSharing/compatibility issuesARNS; FS; EESSWP5B2014
Folder: R-REP-M.2320-2014M.2320-0 (2014)Future technology trends of terrestrial IMT systemsIMTLMSWP5D2014
Folder: R-REP-M.2321-2014M.2321-0 (2014)Guidelines for the use of spectrum by oceanographic radars in the frequency range 3 to 50 MHzHigh Frequency (HF) systemsRLSWP5B2015
Folder: R-REP-M.2322-2014M.2322-0 (11/2014)Systems characteristics and compatibility of automotive radars operating in the frequency band 77.5-78 GHz for sharing studiesTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; Sharing/compatibility issues; Short Range Devices (SRDs)RLS; ARS; ARSS; RAS; SRSWP5B2014
Folder: R-REP-M.2324-2014M.2324-0 (2014)Sharing studies between potential International Mobile Telecommunication systems and aeronautical mobile telemetry systems in the frequency band 1 429-1 535 MHzTechnical/operational characteristics or parameters; Sharing/compatibility issues; IMTLMS; AMSWP5B; WP5D2014
Folder: R-REP-M.2330-2014M.2330-0 (2014)Cognitive radio systems (CRSs) in the land mobile serviceN/ALMSWP5A2014
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