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Folder: R-HDB-01-201501.HDB (2015)Computer-aided Techniques for Spectrum Management (CAT)2015SG01
Folder: R-HDB-13-199113.HDB  (1991)Curves for Radiowave Propagation over the Surface of the Earth1991SG03
Folder: R-HDB-16-199316.HDB (1993)ITU-R Special publication: Specifications of transmission systems for the broadcasting-satellite service1993SG04
Folder: R-HDB-20-200220.HDB (2002)DSB Handbook - Terrestrial and satellite digital sound broadcasting to vehicular, portable and fixed receivers in the VHF/UHF bands2002SG04
Folder: R-HDB-21-201521.HDB (2015)National Spectrum Management2015SG01
Folder: R-HDB-22-201322.HDB (2013)Radio Astronomy2013SG07
Folder: R-HDB-23-201123.HDB (2011)Spectrum Monitoring2011SG01
Folder: R-HDB-24-199624.HDB (1996)Digital Radio-Relay Systems1996SG05
Folder: R-HDB-25-200125.HDB (2001)Land Mobile (including Wireless Access) - Volume 1: Fixed Wireless Access2001SG05
Folder: R-HDB-26-201326.HDB (2013)Radiometeorology2013SG03
Folder: R-HDB-27-199627.HDB (1996)Radiowave Propagation Information for Predictions for Earth-to-Space Path Communications1996SG03
Folder: R-HDB-30-199730.HDB (1997)Land Mobile (including Wireless Access) - Volume 2: Principles and Approaches on Evolution to IMT-2000/FPLMTS1997SG05
Folder: R-HDB-31-199731.HDB (1997)Selection and Use of Precise Frequency and Time Systems1997SG07
Folder: R-HDB-32-199832.HDB (1998)Ionosphere and its Effects on Radiowave Propagation1998SG03
Folder: R-HDB-33-199933.HDB (1999)HF Broadcasting System Design1999SG06
Folder: R-HDB-34-199934.HDB (1999)Technical Specifications of ITU-R Teletext Systems1999SG06
Folder: R-HDB-37-200037.HDB (2000)IMT-2000: Special Edition2000SG05
Folder: R-HDB-38-200138.HDB (2001)LF/MF system design2001SG06
Folder: R-HDB-39-200239.HDB (2002)DTTB Handbook - Digital terrestrial television broadcasting in the VHF/UHF bands2002SG06
Folder: R-HDB-40-200240.HDB (2002)Frequency adaptive communication systems and networks in the MF/HF bands2002SG05
Folder: R-HDB-41-200241.HDB (2002)Mobile-satellite service (MSS)2002SG04
Folder: R-HDB-42-200242.HDB (2002)Satellite Communications (FSS)2002SG04
Folder: R-HDB-43-201343(2013)Space Research Communications2013SG07
Folder: R-HDB-44-200244.HDB (2002)Terrestrial land mobile radiowave propagation in the VHF/UHF bands2002SG03
Folder: R-HDB-45-201745(2017)Use of Radio Spectrum for Meteorology: Weather, Water and Climate Monitoring and Prediction2017SG07
Folder: R-HDB-46-201146 (2011)Migration to IMT-2000 Systems - Supplement 1 (Revision 1) of the Handbook on Deployment of IMT-2000 Systems2011SG05
Folder: R-HDB-47-200547.HDB (2005)Land Mobile (including Wireless Access) - Volume 3: Dispatch and Advanced Messaging Systems2005SG05
Folder: R-HDB-48-200648.HDB (2006)Emergency and Disaster relief2006SG00
Folder: R-HDB-49-200649.HDB (2006)Land Mobile (including Wireless Access) - Volume 4: Intelligent Transport Systems2006SG05
Folder: R-HDB-51-200651.HDB (2006)Supplements No. 1, 2, 3 and 4  to Handbook on Mobile-satellite service (MSS)2006SG04
Folder: R-HDB-52-201452 (2014)Amateur and amateur-satellite services2014SG05
Folder: R-HDB-53-200853.HDB (2008)Supplement to  Handbook on Spectrum Monitoring2008SG01
Folder: R-HDB-54-200954.HDB (2009)Radiowave propagation information for designing terrestrial point-to-point links2009SG03
Folder: R-HDB-55-201055 (2010)Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer and Dissemination2010SG07
Folder: R-HDB-56-201156 (2011)Earth Exploration-Satellite Service2011SG07
Folder: R-HDB-57-201157 (2011)Land Mobile (including Wireless Access) - Volume 5: Deployment of Broadband Wireless Access Systems2011SG05
Folder: R-HDB-58-201258 (2012)ITU-R propagation prediction methods for interference and sharing studies2012SG03
Folder: R-HDB-59-201459(2014)Ground Wave Propagation2014SG03
Folder: R-HDB-60-200360 (2003)Deployment of IMT-2000 Systems2003SG05
Folder: R-HDB-61-201561 (2015)Guidance for bilateral/multilateral discussions on the use of frequency range 1 350 MHz - 43.5 GHz by fixed service systems2015SG05
Folder: R-HDB-62-201562 (2015)Handbook on Global Trends in International Mobile Telecommunications2015SG05
Folder: R-HDB-62-202262(2022)Handbook on International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT)2022SG05
Folder: R-HDB-63-201663 (2016)Handbook on Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting networks and systems implementation2016SG06