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Folder: R-QUE-SG01.205-2-2015205-2/1Long-term strategies for spectrum utilizationSG1WP1B20152023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.208-1-2015208-1/1Alternative methods of national spectrum managementSG1WP1B20152023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.210-3-2012210-3/1Wireless power transmissionSG1WP1A20122023S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.216-1-2015216-1/1Spectrum redeployment  as a method of national spectrum managementSG1WP1B20152023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.221-2-2011221-2/1Compatibility between radiocommunication systems and high data rate telecommunication systems using wired electrical power supplySG1WP1A20112023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.222-2000222/1Definition of the spectral properties of transmitter emissionsSG1WP1A20002023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.232-2006232/1Methods and techniques used in space radio monitoringSG1WP1C20062023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.235-2011235/1Spectrum monitoring evolutionSG1WP1C20112023S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.236-2011236/1Impact on radiocommunication systems from wireless and wired data transmission technologies used for the support of power grid management systemsSG1WP1A20112023S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.237-2013237/1Technical and operational characteristics of the active services operating in the range 275-1 000 GHzSG1WP1A20132023S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.238-2015238/1Characteristics for use of visible light for broadband communicationsSG1WP1A20152023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.239-2016239/1Electromagnetic field measurements to assess human exposureSG1WP1C20162023S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.240-2017240/1Assessment of spectrum efficiency and economic valueSG1WP1B20172023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG01.241-2019241/1Methodologies for assessing or predicting spectrum availabilitySG1WP1B20192023S3