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Folder: R-QUE-SG04.42-1-199342-1/4Characteristics of antennas at earth stations in the fixed-satellite serviceSG4WP4A19932013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.46-3-200746-3/4Preferred multiple-access characteristics in the fixed-satellite serviceSG4WP4B20072014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.70-1-199370-1/4Protection of the geostationary-satellite orbit against unacceptable interference from transmitting earth stations in the fixed-satellite service at frequencies above 15 GHzSG4WP4A19932015S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.73-2-200673-2/4Availability and interruptions to traffic on digital paths in the fixed satellite serviceSG4WP4B20062014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.83-6-200983-6/4Efficient use of the radio spectrum and frequency sharing within the mobile-satellite serviceSG4WP4C20092013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.84-4-200784-4/4Use of non-geostationary-satellite orbits in mobile-satellite servicesSG4WP4C20072014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.87-4-200787-4/4Transmission characteristics for a mobile-satellite communication systemSG4WP4B; WP4C20072014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.88-1-199088-1/4Propagation and mobile earth station antenna characteristics for mobile-satellite servicesSG4WP4C19902015S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.91-1-199091-1/4Technical and operating characteristics of the radiodetermination-satellite serviceSG4WP4C19902014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.109-1-2007109-1/4Global Maritime Distress and Safety System requirements for mobile-satellite systems operating in the bands 1 530-1 544 MHz and 1 626.5-1 645.5 MHzSG4WP4C20072013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.110-1-2002110-1/4Interference to the aeronautical mobile-satellite (R) serviceSG4WP4C20022014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.201-1-2003201-1/4Frequency sharing between mobile-satellite services and other servicesSG4WP4C20032014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.203-1-1993203-1/4The impact of using small antennas on the efficient use of the geostationary-satellite orbitSG4WP4A19932014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.205-1-1995205-1/4Frequency sharing between non-geostationary satellite feeder links in the fixed-satellite service used by the mobile-satellite serviceSG4WP4A; WP4C19952014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.208-1993208/4Use of statistical and stochastic methods in evaluation of interference between satellite networks in the fixed-satellite serviceSG4WP4A19932015S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.209-1993209/4The use of frequency bands allocated to the fixed-satellite service for both the up and down links of geostationary-satellite systemsSG4WP4A19932014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.210-1-2007210-1/4Technical characteristics for mobile earth stations operating with global non geostationary-satellite systems in the mobile-satellite service in the band 1-3 GHzSG4WP4C20072013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.211-2-2003211-2/4Interference criteria and calculation methods for the mobile-satellite serviceSG4WP4C20032014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.214-1993214/4Technical implications of steerable and reconfigurable satellite beamsSG4WP4A19932013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.217-2-2007217-2/4Interference to the radionavigation-satellite service in the ICAO global navigation satellite systemSG4WP4C20072013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.218-1-1995218-1/4Compatibility between on-board processing satellites in the fixed-satellite service and terrestrial networksSG4WP4B19952014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.227-2000227/4Technical and operational characteristics of emergency communications in the mobile-satellite serviceSG4WP4B; WP4C20002013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.231-1995231/4Sharing between networks of the fixed-satellite service using non-geostationary satellites and other networks of the fixed-satellite serviceSG4WP4A19952014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.233-1995233/4Dedicated user digital satellite communications systems and their associated architecturesSG4WP4A; WP4B19952014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.236-1995236/4Interference criteria and calculation methods for the fixed-satellite serviceSG4WP4A19952014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.244-1996244/4Sharing between feeder links of the mobile-satellite (non-geostationary) service in the band 5 091-5 250 MHz and the aeronautical radionavigation service in the band 5 000-5 250 MHzSG4WP4A19962014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.245-1-2009245-1/4Out-of-band and spurious emission limitsSG4WP4A; WP4C20092013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.248-1997248/4Frequency sharing between systems in the fixed-satellite service and wireless digital networks around 5 GHzSG4WP4A19972015S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.263-1-2006263-1/4Performance objectives of digital links in the fixed-satellite service for transmission of Internet or higher layer Protocol packetsSG4WP4B20062013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.264-2000264/4Technical and operational characteristics of networks of the fixed-satellite service operating above 275 GHzSG4WP4A20002014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.266-2001266/4Technical characteristics of high-density fixed-satellite service earth stations operating with geostationary satellite orbit fixed-satellite service networks in the 20/30 GHz bandsSG4WP4A20012014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.267-2003267/4Technical and operational considerations relating to the advance publication, coordination and notification of fixed-satellite networksSG4WP4A20032014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.268-2003268/4Development of methodologies for the assessment of satellite unwanted emission levels before launchSG4WP4A20032015S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.270-1-2004270-1/4Fixed-satellite service systems using very wideband spreading signalsSG4WP4A20042014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.271-2004271/4Interference between satellite news gathering (SNG) carriers by unintentional accessSG4WP4B20042013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.272-2004272/4Frequency sharing between the FSS and the space research service in the 37.5-38 GHz and 40-40.5 GHz bandsSG4WP4A20042014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.273-2007273/4Support of the modernization of civil aviation telecommunication systems and the extension of telecommunication systems to remote and developing regions with current and planned satellite networksSG4WP4A; WP4B; WP4C20072013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.274-2008274/4Technical methods for improving the spectrum/orbit utilizationSG4WP4A20082013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.275-2009275/4Performance objectives of digital links in the fixed-satellite and mobile-satellite services forming elements of the Next Generation NetworkSG4WP4B20092014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.276-2009276/4Availability of digital paths in mobile-satellite servicesSG4WP4B20092014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.277-1-2018277-1/4Performance objectives for digital fixed-satellite and mobile-satellite services with variable bit-rate pathsSG4WP4B20182014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.278-2009278/4Use of operational facilities to meet power flux-density limitation under Article 21 of the Radio RegulationsSG4WP4A20092013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.279-2009279/4Satellite broadcasting of high definition televisionSG4WP4A20092013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.280-2009280/4Receiving earth station antennas for the broadcasting satellite serviceSG4WP4A20092013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.281-2009281/4Digital techniques in the broadcasting-satellite service (sound and television)SG4WP4A20092013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.282-2009282/4Frequency sharing issues related to the introduction of the broadcasting-satellite service (sound) in the frequency range 1-3 GHzSG4WP4A20092013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.283-2009283/4Sharing studies between high-definition television in the broadcasting-satellite service and other servicesSG4WP4A20092013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.284-2009284/4Spectrum management issues related to the introduction of the broadcasting-satellite service (sound) in the frequency range 1-3 GHzSG4WP4A20092013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.285-2009285/4Digital broadcasting of multiple services and programmes in the broadcasting-satellite serviceSG4WP4A20092013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.286-2009286/4Contributions of the mobile and amateur services and associated satellite services to the improvement of disaster communicationsSG4WP4C20092014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.287-2009287/4Technical and operational characteristics for packet network transmission in mobile-satellite servicesSG4WP4B20092013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.288-2009288/4Characteristics and operational requirements of radionavigation-satellite service (space-to-Earth, space-to-space, Earth-to-space) systemsSG4WP4C20092014S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.289-2012289/4Interactive satellite broadcasting systems (television, sound and data)SG4WP4B20122013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.290-2012290/4Broadcasting-satellite means for public warning, disaster mitigation and reliefSG4WP4B20122013S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.291-2014291/4System architecture and performance aspects on integrated MSS systemsSG4WP4B20142016S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.292-2015292/4UHDTV satellite broadcasting systemsSG4WP4B20152017S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG04.293-2015293/4Antenna radiation diagrams/patterns for small (D/?  around 30) earth station antennas used in fixed-satellite and broadcasting-satellite systemsSG4WP4A20152019S2