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Folder: R-QUE-SG05.1-6-20151-6/5Interference protection ratios and minimum field strengths required in the land mobile servicesSG5WP5A20152015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.7-7-20127-7/5Characteristics of equipment for the land mobile service between 30 and 6 000 MHzSG5WP5A20122019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.37-6-201237-6/5Digital land mobile systems for specific applicationsSG5WP5A20122019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.48-7-201548-7/5Techniques and frequency usage in the amateur service and amateur-satellite service
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.62-2-199062-2/5Interference to the aeronautical mobile and aeronautical radionavigation servicesSG5WP5B19902019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.77-8-201977-8/5Consideration of the needs of developing countries in the development and implementation of IMT
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.101-5-2019101-5/5Quality of service requirements in the land mobile serviceSG5WP5A20192019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.110-3-2012110-3/5Reference radiation patterns of point-to-point fixed wireless system antennas for use in sharing studiesSG5WP5C20122019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.205-6-2019205-6/5Intelligent Transport SystemsSG5WP5A20192023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.209-6-2019209-6/5Use of the mobile, amateur and the amateur-satellite services in support of disaster radiocommunications
SG5WP5A; WP5D20192023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.212-4-2012212-4/5Nomadic wireless access systems including radio local area networksSG5WP5A20122019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.215-4-2012215-4/5Frequency bands, technical characteristics, and operational requirements for fixed wireless access systems in the fixed and/or land mobile servicesSG5WP5A20122019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.229-5-2019229-5/5Further development of the terrestrial component of IMTSG5WP5D20192023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.235-2004235/5Protection criteria for aeronautical and maritime systemsSG5WP5B20042019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.238-3-2019238-3/5Mobile broadband wireless access systemsSG5WP5A20192019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.241-4-2019241-4/5Cognitive radio systems in the mobile serviceSG5WP5A20192023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.242-2-2015242-2/5Reference radiation patterns of omnidirectional and sectoral antennas for the fixed and mobile services for use in sharing studiesSG5WP5C20152015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.246-1-2019246-1/5Technical characteristics and channelling requirements for adaptive HF systemsSG5WP5C20192023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.247-1-2012247-1/5Radio-frequency arrangements for fixed wireless systemsSG5WP5C20122019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.248-2008248/5Technical and operational characteristics for systems in the fixed service used for disaster mitigation and reliefSG5WP5C20082019S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.250-1-2012250-1/5Mobile wireless access systems providing telecommunications for a large number of ubiquitous sensors and/or actuators scattered over wide areas as well as machine to machine communications in the land mobile serviceSG5WP5A20122019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.252-2012252/5Frequency sharing and compatibility between systems in the fixed service and systems in other servicesSG5WP5C20122019S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.253-2012253/5Fixed service use and future trendsSG5WP5C20122019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.254-2014254/5Operation of short-range radiocommunication public access system supporting hearing aid systemsSG5WP5A20142019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.255-2015255/5Performance and availability objectives and requirements for fixed wireless systems, including packet-based systemsSG5WP5C20152019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.256-1-2019256-1/5Technical and operational characteristics of the land mobile service in the frequency range 275-1 000 GHzSG5WP5A20192023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.257-1-2019257-1/5Technical and operational characteristics of stations in the fixed service in the frequency range 275-1 000 GHz
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.258-2015258/5Technical and operational principles for HF sky-wave communication stations to improve the man-made noise HF environment SG5WP5C20152019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.259-2015259/5Operational and radio regulatory aspects for planes operating in the upper level of the atmosphereSG5WP5B20152019S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.260-2019260/5Coexistence analysis between foreign object debris detection systems operating in the frequency range 92 to 100 GHz and earth exploration satellite service sensors in-band and in adjacent bands
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.261-2019261/5Radiocommunication requirements for connected automated vehicles (CAV)SG5WP5A20192023S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG05.262-2019262/5Usage of the terrestrial component of IMT systems for specific applicationsSG5WP5D20192023S2