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Resp. WPs
Count= 32
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.12-3-201212-3/6Generic bit-rate reduction coding of digital video signals for production, for contribution, for primary and secondary distribution, for emission and for related applicationsSG6WP6B20122015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.19-1-200919-1/6Bit-rate reduction coding of audio signals for broadcasting applicationsSG6WP6B20092015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.30-200230/6Transmitting and receiving antennas at VHF and UHFSG6WP6A20022005S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.32-1-201132-1/6Protection requirements of broadcasting systems against interference from radiation caused by wired telecommunication systems, from emissions of industrial, scientific and medical equipment, and from emissions of short-range devicesSG6WP6A20112012S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.34-3-201934-3/6File formats and transport for the exchange of audio, video, data and metadata materials in the professional broadcast environments
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.44-4-201144-4/6Objective picture quality parameters and associated measurement and monitoring methods for digital television imagesSG6WP6C20112015S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.45-6-201945-6/6Broadcasting of multimedia and data applicationsSG6WP6B20192015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.49-1-200749-1/6Conditional-access broadcasting systemsSG6WP6B20072015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.56-4-201956-4/6Characteristics of terrestrial digital sound/multimedia broadcasting systems for reception by vehicular, portable and fixed receivers
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.69-1-200469-1/6Conditions for a satisfactory television service in the presence of reflected signalsSG6WP6A20042006S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.102-4-2019102-4/6Methodologies for subjective assessment of audio and video qualitySG6WP6C20192015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.109-2003109/6In-service monitoring of perceived audiovisual quality for broadcasting and distribution networksSG6WP6C20032004S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.111-1-2004111-1/6Technical methods for the protection of the privacy of end-users in interactive broadcasting systems (television, sound and data)SG6WP6B20042015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.118-1-2007118-1/6Broadcasting means for public warning, disaster mitigation and reliefSG6WP6A20072008S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.120-2006120/6Digital sound broadcasting in Region 2SG6WP6A20062007S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.126-1-2011126-1/6Recommended operating practices to tailor  television programme material to broadcasting applications at various image quality levels, display sizes and aspect ratiosSG6WP6B20112015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.129-2009129/6Impact of audio signal processing and compression techniques on terrestrial FM sound broadcasting emissions at VHFSG6WP6A20092011S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.130-3-2019130-3/6Digital interfaces for production, post-production and international exchange of sound and television programmes for broadcasting
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.131-2009131/6Common core data format for multimedia broadcastingSG6WP6B20092015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.131-1-2019131-1/6Common core data format for multimedia broadcastingSG6WP6B20192015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.132-5-2020132-5/6Digital terrestrial television broadcasting planningSG6WP6A20202015S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.133-2-2019133-2/6Enhancements of digital terrestrial television broadcastingSG6WP6A20192015S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.135-2-2019135-2/6System parameters for and management of digital sound systems with and without accompanying picture

Folder: R-QUE-SG06.136-2-2013136-2/6Worldwide broadcasting roamingSG6WP6A20132015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.137-1-2019137-1/6Internet Protocol (IP) interfaces for programme production and exchangeSG6WP6B20192015S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.139-2-2019139-2/6Methods for rendering of advanced audio formatsSG6WP6C20192016S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.140-1-2018140-1/6Global platform for the broadcasting serviceSG6WP6B20182016S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.142-3-2019142-3/6High dynamic range television for broadcastingSG6WP6C20192017S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.143-1-2019143-1/6Advanced Immersive Audio-Visual Systems for Programme Production and Exchange for Broadcasting
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.144-2019144/6Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for broadcastingSG62019
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.145-2019145/6Systems for enabling access to broadcast and cooperative media for persons with disabilities
Folder: R-QUE-SG06.146-2019146/6Spectrum requirements for terrestrial broadcastingSG62019