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Resp. WPs
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Folder: R-QUE-SG07.110-2-1997110-2/7Time codesSG7WP7A19972015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.111-1-1997111-1/7Signal delays in antennas and other circuits and their calibration for high-accuracy time transferSG7WP7A19972015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.118-2-2000118-2/7Factors which affect frequency sharing between data relay satellite systems and systems of other servicesSG7WP7B20002015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.129-3-2012129-3/7Unwanted emissions radiated from and received by stations of the science servicesSG7WP7B; WP7C; WP7D20122015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.139-4-2011139-4/7Data transmission for Earth exploration-satellite systemsSG7WP7B20112015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.141-4-2011141-4/7Data transmission for meteorological satellite systemsSG7WP7B20112015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.145-3-2017145-3/7Technical factors relating to the protection of radioastronomical observations
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.146-2-2000146-2/7Criteria for evaluation of interference to radio astronomySG7WP7D20002015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.152-2-1997152-2/7Standard frequencies and time signals from satellitesSG7WP7A19972015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.207-3-2011207-3/7Time and frequency transfer using digital communication linksSG7WP7A20112015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.211-1993211/7Frequency sharing between the space research service and other services in the 37-38 GHz and 40-40.5 GHz bandsSG7WP7B19932015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.221-1997221/7Preferred frequency bands and protection criteria for space research service observations (passive)SG7WP7C19972015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.222-2-2012222-2/7Radio links between earth stations and lunar and planetary missions by means of lunar and/or planetary data relay satellitesSG7WP7B20122015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.226-2-2017226-2/7Frequency sharing between the radio astronomy service and other services in bands between 67 and 275 GHzSG7WP7D20172015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.230-1-2009230-1/7Preferred frequency bands and protection criteria for radio astronomy measurements in spaceSG7WP7D20092015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.231-2000231/7Earth exploration-satellite service (active) and space research service (active) operating above 100 GHzSG7WP7C20002015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.234-2000234/7Frequency sharing between active sensor systems in the Earth exploration-satellite service and systems operating in other services in the 1 215-1 300 MHz bandSG7WP7C20002015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.236-2-2017236-2/7The future of the UTC time scaleSG7WP7A20172015C1
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.237-2001237/7Technical and operational factors relating to interference mitigation practices at radio astronomy stationsSG7WP7D20012015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.238-2001238/7Trusted time source for time stamp authoritySG7WP7A20012015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.239-2001239/7Instrumentation time codesSG7WP7A20012015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.242-2006242/7Radio quiet zonesSG7WP7D20062015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.244-2006244/7Interference between standard frequency and time signal services operating between 20 and 90 kHzSG7WP7A20062015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.245-2006245/7Interference to the standard frequency and time signal service in the low-frequency band caused by noise from electrical sourcesSG7WP7A20062015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.246-2009246/7Future bandwidth requirements for the space research service (deep space)SG7WP7B20092015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.247-2009247/7Emergency radiocommunications for human space flightSG7WP7B20092015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.248-2009248/7Timing Information from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and their augmentationsSG7WP7A20092015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.249-2009249/7Time and frequency information from "enhanced" LOng Range Aid to Navigation (eLORAN)SG7WP7A20092015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.250-2009250/7Application and improvement of two-way satellite time and frequency transfer (TWSTFT)SG7WP7A20092015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.251-2010251/7Ground-based passive sensorsSG7WP7C20102015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.253-2011253/7Relativistic effects in the transfer of time and frequency in the vicinity of the Earth and in the solar systemSG7WP7A20112015S2
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.255-2014255/7Detection and resolution of radio frequency interference to Earth exploration-satellite service (passive) sensorsSG7WP7C20142015S1
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.256-2015256/7Space weather observationsSG7WP7C20152019S3
Folder: R-QUE-SG07.257-2017257/7Technical and operational characteristics of radio astronomy applications operating above 275 GHzSG7WP7D20172023S2