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Folder: R-RES-R.1-8-2019R.1-8 (2019)Working methods for the Radiocommunication Assembly, the Radiocommunication Study Groups, the Radiocommunication Advisory Group and other groups of the Radiocommunication Sector2019
Folder: R-RES-R.2-8-2019R.2-8 (2019)Conference  Preparatory  Meeting2019
Folder: R-RES-R.4-8-2019R.4-8 (2019)Structure  of  Radiocommunication  Study  Groups2019
Folder: R-RES-R.5-8-2019R.5-8 (2019)Work  programme  and  Questions  of  Radiocommunication  Study  Groups2019
Folder: R-RES-R.6-3-2019R.6-3 (2019)Liaison and collaboration with the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector2019
Folder: R-RES-R.7-4-2019R.7-4(2019)Telecommunication development including liaison and collaboration with the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector2019
Folder: R-RES-R.8-3-2019R.8-3 (2019)Radiowave propagation studies and measurement campaigns in developing countries2019
Folder: R-RES-R.9-6-2019R.9-6 (2019)Liaison and collaboration with  other  relevant organizations,  in  particular  ISO, IEC and CISPR2019
Folder: R-RES-R.11-5-2015R.11-5 (2015)Further  development  of  the  Spectrum  Management System  for  Developing  Countries2015
Folder: R-RES-R.12-1-2000R.12-1 (2000)Handbooks and special publications for development of radiocommunication services2000
Folder: R-RES-R.15-6-2015R.15-6 (2015)Appointment  and  maximum  term  of  office  for  Chairmen  and  Vice Chairmen  of  Radiocommunication  Study  Groups, the  Coordination  Committee  for  Vocabulary  and  of  the  Radiocommunication  Advisory  Group2015
Folder: R-RES-R.19-5-2019R.19-5 (2019)Dissemination  of  ITU-R  texts2019
Folder: R-RES-R.22-5-2019R.22-5 (2019)Improvement of national radio spectrum management practices and techniques2019
Folder: R-RES-R.23-3-2015R.23-3 (2015)Extension of the international monitoring system to a worldwide scale2015
Folder: R-RES-R.25-3-2012R.25-3 (2012)Computer programs and associated reference numerical data for radiowave propagation studies2012
Folder: R-RES-R.28-2-2012R.28-2 (2012)Standard-frequency  and  time-signal  emissions2012
Folder: R-RES-R.36-5-2019R.36-5 (2019)Coordination of vocabulary in the six official languages of the Union on an equal footing in the ITU Radiocommunication Sector2019
Folder: R-RES-R.37-1995R.37 (1995)Radiowave propagation studies for system design and service planning1995
Folder: R-RES-R.40-4-2015R.40-4 (2015)Worldwide database of terrain height and surface features2015
Folder: R-RES-R.47-2-2012R.47-2 (2012)Future  submission  of  satellite  radio  transmission  technologies  for  IMT-20002012
Folder: R-RES-R.48-3-2019R.48-3 (2019)Strengthening  the  regional  presence  in the  Radiocommunication  Study  Group  work2019
Folder: R-RES-R.50-4-2019R.50-4 (2019)Role of the Radiocommunication Sector in the ongoing development of IMT2019
Folder: R-RES-R.52-1-2015R.52-1 (2015)Authorization for the Radiocommunication Advisory Group (RAG) to act between Radiocommunication Assemblies (RAs)2015
Folder: R-RES-R.54-3-2019R.54-3 (2019)Studies to achieve harmonization for short-range devices2019
Folder: R-RES-R.55-3-2019R.55-3 (2019)ITU-R studies of disaster prediction, detection, mitigation and  relief2019
Folder: R-RES-R.56-2-2015R.56-2 (2015)Naming  for  International  Mobile  Telecommunications2015
Folder: R-RES-R.57-2-2015R.57-2 (2015)Principles  for  the  process  of  development  of  IMT Advanced2015
Folder: R-RES-R.58-2-2019R.58-2 (2019)Studies on the implementation and use of cognitive radio systems2019
Folder: R-RES-R.59-2-2019R.59-2 (2019)Studies on availability of frequency bands for worldwide and/or regional harmonization and conditions for their use by terrestrial electronic news gathering systems2019
Folder: R-RES-R.60-2-2019R.60-2 (2019)Reduction of energy consumption for environmental protection and mitigating climate change by use of ICT/radiocommunication technologies and systems2019
Folder: R-RES-R.61-2-2019R.61-2 (2019)ITU-R's contribution in implementing the outcomes of the  World Summit on the Information Society and the  2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development2019
Folder: R-RES-R.62-2-2019R.62-2 (2019)Studies related to testing for conformance with ITU-R Recommendations and interoperability of radiocommunication equipment and systems2019
Folder: R-RES-R.64-2015R.64 (2015)Guidelines for the management of unauthorized operation of earth station terminals2015
Folder: R-RES-R.65-2015R.65 (2015)Principles for the process of future development of IMT for 2020 and beyond2015
Folder: R-RES-R.66-1-2019R.66-1 (2019)Studies related to wireless systems and applications for the development of the Internet of Things2019
Folder: R-RES-R.67-1-2019R.67-1 (2019)Telecommunication/ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities and persons with specific needs2019
Folder: R-RES-R.68-2015R.68 (2015)Improving the dissemination of knowledge concerning the applicable regulatory procedures for small satellites, including nanosatellites and picosatellites2015
Folder: R-RES-R.69-1-2019R.69-1 (2019)Development and deployment of international public telecommunications via satellite in developing countries2019
Folder: R-RES-R.70-2019R.70 (2019)Principles for the future development of broadcasting2019
Folder: R-RES-R.71-2019R.71 (2019)Role of the Radiocommunication Sector in the ongoing development of television, sound and multimedia broadcasting2019